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The correct functioning of cells is enabled by life-cosmic energy, which the organism draws from the environment for its needs and which enables the functioning of all organs, body systems and the entire organism. Life-cosmic energy must penetrate from the surroundings of the body through the protective bioenergy field of aura to arrive to the cells in the body.

What is life cosmic energy is the first question set by any patient who experiences the divine influence of healing, any candidate therapist who succeeds to transform energies as well as all those who have heard of the positive effects of the energy food on human organism from their friends. But that is not the only question. There is also doubt in the procedure by which this energy enters the body, and questions such as who conducts this process, why are we alive, and what is the role of the soul, the brain and programmes formed by the genes in the DNA structure.It is necessary to understand the double commands of the soul and the ego, operating the brain, and their response which serves as the basis for assessing the character and behaviour of individuals in their environment, which is particularly important in the process of healing bad characters.

The cause of disease lies in the blocked flow of life-cosmic energy in the organism or in the sick cells which are not able to receive this energy.

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