Impressions from the Course Accomplishment and Developing of Consciousness with the methods of life cosmic energy

Impressions from the practical part of the Third Level Course on universal use of Life-Cosmic Energy that with honesty and respect for divine laws, which are the ground for the science of LCE, enables the participants to correctly measure energies and perform transformations that can maintain the health and neutralise disturbances that unable the healthy flow of the LCE, thus creating the conditions for healing oneself and other beings without harmful  interferences from the third parties.


The person whose mission is healing will heal the others and by comprehending the holistic approach will obtain the fulfilment in the everyday life within both personal and business settings.


The first group participants of this course left Montenegro beginning of July with beautiful impressions. There were successful leaps in individual developments and advancement in the systematic approach to the LCE, but to achieve higher states of consciousness and its practical application (guided) individual work is surely needed to follow.

Amongst the calm sea, rocky mountains and clear blue sky, joyously thrilled and at the same time concerned over the complexity and demanding character of the received knowledge.

People at thecourse of life cosmic energy
Bozidar Djurica in front of Njegošev dom
Meditation with Irena Golouh and Bozidar Djurica
Irena Golouh and Bozidar Djurica at life cosmic energy course

View from the serpentine ascent over the Bay of Boka  – safe harbour for navigation of the life cosmic energy therapists.


Just before the afternoon session.

You get to know more, to worth more, and  take more responsibility…

In the rainbow embrace and company of the ray of light, with spiritual guides and protectors, Bozidar Djurica on the way with the participants in front of the birth-home of Njegoš.

Meditation on the personal guidance.

Infinitesimally small within the large space, yet so unique when in harmony with the laws of creation.

Naomi Imber at first day of life cosmic energy class

An (un)expected visit.The first day of the course was honoured with presence of Naomi Imber

“All that was hidden becomes visible. Freedom. I do all the same things, every day I am on the same path, but now I see differently, the faces are more expressive, relationships more accommodating, nature more alive. Everything reverberates in thousand shapes and forms.’’