In Memory of our Boško

On the first day of March 2016 in Ljubljana the noble life of Boško Djurica came to an end. He was a selfless teacher and mentor to many partners in dialogue, students, sick and cured individuals on the way of spiritual growth, who remember him with gratitude and respect, carrying him in our hearts.

We got to know him through numerous meetings, courses, his original books and therapies with life-cosmic energy where – through his well-intended advice and findings – he wished to stimulate independent thinking and thus activate our innate, latent, hidden, unused talents and natural gifts, self-cognition abilities, articulation of one’s own potentials, individualisation and personality self-education, for spiritual growth and psychophysical health, which was often affected and very frequently endangered.

He was able to do so on the basis of his varied life experience – he was a naturally gifted person of broad horizons, academically educated, an electrical engineer, tireless seeker and researcher of the unknown, teacher, cryptologist, top internationally affirmed amateur radio operator, talented sailor, a true friend to many of us, and an advisor and successful healer and therapist for many other people, author of precise, innovative texts on cosmic and earth energies, and writer of five original books on the effects of life-cosmic and earth energies on humans: in short, initiator of thoughts on self-healing.
Boško was adorned with elementary, inborn sharpness of mind, insightfulness and openness of mind, the ability to clearly express himself and to observe precisely, to see and understand, to pay concentrated attention, to exercise focused and directed vigilance. He achieved this extraordinary and insightful sensitivity in the state of controlled meditation, i.e. in the state where ego and the outside world, all knowledge and experience are totally excluded: at the time of momentary turning on of the meditational, spiritual state of truth, reality, in the state of unconditional devotion, without any intermediaries, in his own frequency of high spiritual awareness.

He gradually set up a simple and rational scheme of the existence and influence of invisible energy, a source energy enabling life on Earth. He identified its characteristics and named it accordingly: life-cosmic energy. He established a detailed and precise system for the use of its effects on humans, human personality and human organism, a system for treating certain illnesses by eliminating useless energies or harmful sources, without adverse side effects. Boško studied esoteric techniques, spiritual and alternative healing procedures, which are nowadays often partially and uncritically interpreted and described. He analised them, described them in detail, warned about their dangerous and harmful consequences, certain neglected side effects and deficiencies. He presented to the expert and wider audience his logical conclusions and findings as the first published fully comprehensive text in this area.

He found that all different cases where health and life are threatened involve human factor as the decisive one, that the body is the only vessel of the integral human being and simultaneously the location of one’s spiritual self, the essence of the unique identity of each individual. He was fully aware that the ways to knowledge, particularly innovative findings, i.e. unknown, mysterious and frequently difficult and even fatal truths, dark secrets and hidden facts, were always thorny and dangerous.He was the first to reveal some of the secrets and secret words for the benefit of the general public. Such secrets and words have otherwise always been locked away by certain influential, strictly closed societies, groups and elite circles. He described previously unknown principles of functioning of certain secret organisations and analysed the procedures for achieving their negative short- and long-term goals.He bravely and successfully penetrated the area of malicious activities by practitioners of different types of black magic, which he precisely described and personally, through his self-sacrificing engagement and interventions, prevented in practice, with the sincere and lasting selfless aim to contribute to the preservation of healthy, peaceful and joyful coexistence in nature, family and society.
His findings, presented in discussions, public lectures and published texts – his books are published and available to the expert audience and individuals in the Slovenian (5), Montenegrin (5), English (5) and Russian (2) languages – are now used by many in their work, as they, primarily in the practice of healing with life-cosmic energy, turned out to be realistic, efficient, correct and always successful – without adverse effects.

Analytical modern technologies, experience and findings of other researchers, doctors using classical western medicine and different healers around the world confirmed the large useful value of his findings. Naturally, to realistically assess Boško’s innovative work, the assessor would have to be able to see and experience life from the point of view and in dimensions in which Boško did, to have his wide knowledge and vast experience, or, as Boško liked to say: “Any assessment of another’s findings is simultaneously a realistic assessment of the assessor him- or herself”.

In all the described activities of several decades for the benefit of people, Boško was led by empathy and strict respect of emotional tolerance, limitless openness to another and, above all, respect of elementary, eternal moral principles, which exist as a universal value and guide human development towards good at all times. He respected the principle that a person may do whatever they like, as long as they do not endanger another person, and that healers must do everything in their power to make the partner in dialogue/patient see for themselves and learn the right way or rule enabling healing, or resolution of the situation, distress or problem. This approach and work method reveal Boško’s total engagement of his entire personality, i.e. the entire personality of the healer/therapist, without a calculating reserve. Certainly, this also requires many sacrifices, but simultaneously creates valuable personal experience, expands the mental base and work practice of the therapist, and enables their intensive spiritual growth.

In the case of Boško Djurica, the long years of learning and searching for the essence – in Boško’s own words, it took two times twenty years – comprised studying, examining, researching, thinking, gaining of certain experience in the local and wider environments, travelling and social activities, long years of selfless healing of all who needed help. This consciously invested effort and time and searching for feedback resulted in an extraordinary spiritual wealth and a wide base of knowledge, and gave him a comprehensive insight, from which he spontaneously and intuitively drew strength and knowledge about the functional, efficient, correct way to resolving various cases of poor balance in the organism, sickness and to therapy leading to psychological physical and spiritual health.

Methodically, after some decades of learning, thinking, hard work and all kinds of intellectual efforts, as well as personal suffering and painful experience, through everyday practice during different therapeutic procedures, on the basis of progress achieved or complete curing, Boško found the energy which gives us food for life, defined its characteristics and, on that basis, defined the universal rules for healing with life-cosmic energy.He found the way enabling, through an innovative use of focused, very short meditational states, first to determine or measure the state, the level of threat to health, and then to channel life-cosmic energy, i.e. to bring it to a certain measured weak spot, which is always an area without or with insufficient life energy, and afterwards to perform a check-up to determine the level of energy in the treated body, individual area, system in the organism or an individual organ.

He first discovered that the basis for using the basic rules of healing with life-cosmic energy is accurate and precise determination of the initial state, learning of new or different circumstances in the therapeutic process, and strictly repeating of measurement of the energy state to control the successfulness of the therapy.

According to this strict scientific approach, based on unavoidable use of Boško’s innovative brief “turning on and off” of the healer’s focused conscience, which in practice turns out to be the only acceptable way in the western meditational culture, and checking of the state before and after therapy, Boško achieved significant successes and enabled therapists to quickly achieve results if strictly following the described procedure. Besides, he insisted that the patients, participants in courses and his partners in dialogue should act in the same way. Like the saying from Hermetism which he studied: “One breaks the ice, another drinks the water.
These rules for healing or exerting a positive influence by channelling the energy which is present everywhere on Earth and which depends on the complex states of Earth and cosmic energies confirm his commitment to using the scientific method: insight, analysis, diagnosis, treatment, checking of correctness or effects of the treatment. Certainly, it also requires a high level of spiritual development of the healer/therapist, a high level of knowledge and engagement, as well as patient’s cooperation when this clean energy is applied. Especially in the case of severe and long-standing causes, patients must decide themselves and actively participate in the whole process of treating the disease, sickness or negative external influences, and consciously use all means available on the way to their health.

With that aim, Boško Božidar Djurica set up solid rules for strict science-based searching for the circumstances and hidden influences in each specific case of damage to health or disease appearing in damaged daily relations between people. He paid attention to the omnipresent aggression which, in different forms (evil, envy, vindictiveness, greed, jealousy, intentional harming), constantly appears among us and which always derives from negative experience or experienced violence, or is a response to enforced prohibitions or requests imposed on the patient.

His patients were mostly good people, hurt in cruel situations in life or lost in uncontrollable circumstances, in situations where things went out of their control and will, or who found themselves under the pressure of violence and evil, whom the traditional medicine was not able to help. Consequently, he was always ready to invest his time, effort, knowledge and energy in their treatment, positive work and personal individual engagement.

He also boldly researched some neglected areas of human horizons, different spheres of psychological and physical medical knowledge, characteristics, causes and consequences of one’s own and foreign negative influences and activities. He learned the abilities and procedures, or protocols for achieving negative goals by using the so-called white, red or black magic, and the limitless evil of the persons practising it: he claimed that there were no differences between them in their cruelty and inhumanity; they only differ in some technical details and the selected targets and intentions. He invented a universal approach to neutralising the consequences of their doings. Throughout, he followed the therapeutic principle that patients must be enabled to overcome their problems themselves, to get well and recover from the disease by means of their own defence system.

Obviously, all this cannot be achieved without talent and self-sacrificing selfless work, nor without large courage needed to discover, as the sources and causes of damaged health and threat to life, many influential elements from the lives of ancestors, from the present and the past of the victim, hidden hostile relations between the closest members of the family, and between other relatives, friends and colleagues, including elements of evil spells and magic, which, in addition to specific knowledge, moral stability and good intentions, requires large courage and determination of the healer.

Boško Djurica met all these requirements. He had an extraordinary power of mind and will, and consciously devoted his entire life to the creation of good. He was aware of the danger resulting from his truthful and selfless activities. He knew that by revealing the unpleasant truth about certain secret organisations (principles of operation, initiation procedures, achievement of short- and long-term goals) he may become the target of evil individuals and their associations, but he remained true to his noble goals, respecting the noble heritage of his ancestors in Boka Kotorska and the eternal ideals of the Montenegrin humanity and heroism. This is also confirmed by his 5th book entitled “Healing Spaces with Life-Cosmic Energy”, with a dedication to his beloved Boka Kotorska, the beautiful “Bride of the Adriatic”, where Boško was born, where he was always returning, from where he drew the strength for his research and insightful findings: here, in Kotor, with his ancestors, he also found his last physical rest.
Dear Boško, thank you for everything,

Dr. Vladimir Osolnik

Božidar Djurica