Thanks to Irena Golouh

Irena Golouh and Bozidar Djurica

About my dearest friend Irena Golouh.

It is difficult to describe the aid of someone who helps you in every respect in the hardest moments in life. You cannot find the right words of thankfulness, you cannot be satisfied with any reward or commendation, you are humbled in your own eyes since you feel that no thanking is good enough.The life of each individual is difficult and one must strive for each little piece of knowledge gained and achievement of appropriate conditions for a life worth living.That is why every person fights himself or herself for their existence on Earth, and if they decide to help another, they must stint themselves, deprive themselves of many privileges. Besides, they are often hurt by others who do not understand them, and last but not least, they can experience disappointment where they least expect it.

Irena Golouh, a connoisseur of astrology, healing properties of plants, preparation of good-quality ointments, massage and acupressure techniques, influence of crystals on the human body, various oriental healing techniques, yoga and meditation, with over twenty years of successful practice, decided to devote her life to providing aid to others.On her way of research, success and disappointment, she learned the technique of healing with life-cosmic energy and realised that this was the knowledge that she had been looking for for almost her entire life.The practice of providing aid to others, her developed humane and ethical principles allowed her to quickly become very successfully involved in the therapeutic work of healing with life-cosmic energy.Teamwork has not confused her.She appreciates both failures and successes in the pursuit of therapeutic results.Thus, on the basis of expertise, she has developed an organised system of healing with life-cosmic energy, training of therapists and cooperation in helping the patients.

Irena Golouh’s work can be assessed by any patient.Her assistance has become irreplaceable in healing with life-cosmic energy and she provides the main support in the writing and printing of the literature on healing with energy and the education system for spiritual development of individuals.One should be aware that therapeutic work with energies is a pioneering one, that the energy invested in its development cannot be evaluated, and that any commendation, including that expressed here, also in the name of the patients, is still an insufficient reward for her noble work.  

Written by Božidar Djurica

What is Life Cosmic Energy by Bozidar Djurica

From the start of  the 4th book of Life-Cosmic Energy

What is life-cosmic energy is the first question set by any patient who experiences the divine influence of healing, any candidate therapist who succeeds to transform energies, any reader of my three books on healing with this divine energy, as well as all those who have heard of the positive effects of the energy food on human organism from their friends.But that is not the only question.There is also doubt in the procedure by which this energy enters the body, and questions such as who conducts this process, why are we alive, and what is the role of the soul, the brain and programmes formed by the genes in the DNA structure.It is necessary to understand the double commands of the soul and the ego, operating the brain, and their response which serves as the basis for assessing the character and behaviour of individuals in their environment, which is particularly important in the process of healing bad characters.

Finally, there is the question of how to achieve spiritual development and comprehend how and why mental surgery works; what is the world of energies like, and why, at the highest level of consciousness, at the level of souls, the laws are strictly defined, but easily usable for healing; why must we respect the laws of nature, the laws of our universe or god.

In this book, I try to give answers to these questions, and provide my knowledge and aid to anyone who endeavours for spiritual progress.At the same time, I warn the readers about deviations imposed by ego and erroneous teachings of certain spiritual schools and universities, short courses and incorrect interpretations of esoteric techniques from the East. 


Bozidar Djurica