Lecture about life-cosmic energy in Cankarjev dom

Lecture on the use of life-cosmic energy upon the presentation of the author’s 5th book Environmental Healing 

on 10 January 2012 at 5 p.m. in the M1 hall of Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana

In his 5th book, the author, endowed with a clear perception of the world of energies and attaining extraordinary therapeutic achievements leading to unthinkable recoveries of health, upgrades the presentation of the system of integral therapy and recovery, from the causes to the consequences, without side effects, by using the energy that is a condition for life on earth and accessible to anyone. The systematic approach that the author has researched and developed throughout decades is empirically scientific and based on spiritual laws, with immediate results in physical reality.

The modern view of the complete living conditions covers the rules and method of using life-cosmic energy. The author answers many (self-)questions on which energy is consequential and which initial, allowed to be used for healing, how the body receives it, who conducts the process of the reception of life-cosmic energy in the body, so that we can be here, alive, and what is the function of the soul, brain and programmes formed by the genes in the DNA structure. Understanding of the double commands in humans, the soul and ego, which operate the brain, enables treatment of the negative traits of an individual.


He brings attention to misconceptions created by ego and to the dangerous consequences of the mistaken ways of spiritual schools and teachings, radical therapeutic methods, partial healing techniques and many protection methods, in order to prevent further problems on our way to searching for health and expanding spiritual horizons.

How to succeed in performing therapeutic transformations, which way is the right one to personal spiritual development, how and why mental surgery works, what is the world of energies like, why at the highest level of consciousness, at the level of souls, universal laws are defined and easily used for healing, and why the laws of nature must be respected.

The subject of lecture is the contents of all five books, answering these and many other questions. The books are written in a simple and understandable way. Anyone interested in a deeper insight in life can use them as information and manuals for the training of therapists.

One of the most important influences and reasons for (bad) health is the areas where we spend most of our time, where we work, sleep.

“Environmental Healing with Life-cosmic Energy” is a practical guide, including indispensable information for systematic healing of spaces, buildings and land plots. It reveals the approach and use of measurement instruments, diagnosing of geo-pathological points, cleaning of energy disturbances, searching for underground spaces, hidden objects, people etc. in order to remain or get healthy, happy and successful


All those who are attracted by the latest discoveries in the field of energies as their passive or active users, WARMLY WELCOME ON THE WAY TO NEW AWARENESS.

Life Cosmic Energy, fifth book, Healing of Spaces