Naomi visits the Life-Cosmic Energy author’s birthplace

Naomi eternalises the beginning of the 3rd level of life cosmic energy course.

The venerable visit of one of the rare spiritual teachers in the last centuries on European ground.

Naomi honoured the first day of the practical part of the 3rd level course on the use of life-cosmic energy visiting us in Boško’s birthplace. She passes her exceptional knowledge of consciousness transformation on our ground and around the world by spreading the realisation of the Tikkun Olam programme.

Naomi arrived to the magnificent Adriatic Bay of Kotor in Montenegro with Ruth and a student from the USA, the representatives of her method in Portugal and California; a found-again dog kept them company…

Divine Influence of the Universe - Life-Cosmic Energy, book by Bozidar Djurica

Božidar Djurica dedicated the first book about LCE, Devine Influence of the Universe to Naomi Feinberg herself.