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Life Cosmic Energy - Health is Fortune by Bozidar Djurica

Health is Fortune: Life-Cosmic Energy

Author Bozidar Djurica




    1.1. Secret Texts
    1.2. How to Create Secret Words
    1.3. System of Fast Treatment
    2.1. Spiritual Journey of East and West
    2.2. View of Life-Cosmic Energy
    2.3. Influence on the Laws of Nature
    2.4. Adaptation to Performance of Meditation
    3.1. Life on Earth
    3.2. Life in the Universe
    3.3. Consciousness and Ability to Observe
    3.4. Spiritual Level
    3.5. Connection with Energies of the Universe
    3.6. We are Creatures of the Universe
    3.7. Role of Life-Cosmic Energy
    3.8. The World of Souls
    3.8.1. Insight into the State of the Soul in the Human Body
    4.1. Significance of the Correct Treatment
    4.2. The First Therapy
    4.3. The Second Therapy
    4.4. Health Maintenance
    4.5. Treatment in a Group of People
    4.5.1. Family
    4.5.2. Patient at Work
    4.5.3. Mutual Relations in the Firm
    4.5.4. Success in the School
    4.5.5. Relations in Teams
    5.1. Brain Programme Management
    5.2. Observation, Combination and Watching of Internal Organs
    5.2.1. Method of Watching and Observing the Internal Organs
    5.3. Mental Operation
    5.3.1. Removal of Protuberances
    5.3.2. Cutting off Growths and Connections
    5.3.3. Insertion of Implants
    5.4. Other Methods
    6.1. Practice and its Significance
    6.2. Classification of the Cases of Illness
    6.3. Keeping a Diary
    6.4. Manner of Observation
    7.1. Aura – Energy System
    7.2. Distinctive Damages of Aura
    7.3. Damages from Spells, Curses and Magic
    7.4. Treatment of the Soul
    7.4.1. Manner of Working with the Soul
    8.1. Nervous System
    8.1.1. Nervous Network
    8.1.2. Vision
    8.1.3. Hearing
    8.1.4. Smell, Taste and Touch
    8.2. Respiratory System
    8.3. Blood System
    8.4. Digestive System
    8.5. Urinary System
    8.6. Bone System – Skeleton
    8.7. Muscular System
    8.8. Skin Protection System
    8.9. Glands and Fluids
    8.10. End of Life or Death
    9.1. Insemination
    9.2. Pregnancy
    9.3. Delivery
    9.4. Breasts
    10.1. Geo-Pathological Disturbances
    10.2. Energy Bodies in the Premises
    10.3. Energy Influence on the Building Plot
    10.4. Measurement Instruments and Measurement Accuracy
    11.1. Adaptation of an Individual
    11.2. Team Communication
    11.3. Associations, Societies and Parties
    11.4. Affecting a Large Number or Masses of People
    11.5. Influence of the Surroundings
    11.5.1. Evil
    11.5.2. Evil in the Family
    12.1. Tragedy
    12.2. Doctors Did not See Petar
    12.3. Wife’s Relatives Did not See Petar
    12.4. Close Relatives Did not See Petar
    12.5. Hidden Wishes

Healing examples

Father and mother brought their five year old daughter. They told me that Mojca had lost weight and her health weakened. She was no longer happy and playful, felt bad and was always tired, and lately she frequently fainted. They were scared a lot and emphasized especially the problem of her fainting in the apartment or in the street. The last time, it happened in the store. Medical findings did not point to some illness, although the doctors suspected epilepsy. Among medicines, they only gave her antibiotics due to her constant bronchitis.


Mojca’s parents were ready to participate in the treatment, which was a good sign for a successful result. Children are the best patients, because when they ascertain that they feel better after the therapy, they become happy and joyful and show an internal belief that they will always feel good after the treatment. With such positive instinct, children unconsciously open the channels widely and enable the action of life-cosmic energy. In that way, maximally three therapies are needed for their recovery. Contribution to a positive feeling that causes quick treatment is certainly given by the parents, with their persuasion “everything is going to be just fine”, creating a feeling of trust and joy, and so the child accepts the energy treatment with the heart.


The examination of Mojca’s organism showed that there were several causes for her serious illnesses. She had a weak energy state of the blood and of the whole aura. From her birth, she had the soul of a dead relative in her energy field, which caused constant bronchitis and usage of antibiotics, as well as influence of spells, curses and magic of equal intensity, inherited from her father, which resulted in the bad state of her organism. Mojca’s state indicated that harmful energies had still not harmed the organs and systems of the body, and that was the reason why the doctors were not able to make a diagnosis.

I neutralised the programmes of spells, curses and magic, removed the soul of a dead person and performed energy therapy. After two days, I continued with the therapy of the physical body and discovered that Mojca accepted the treatment. There was no need to examine the apartment in which she lived, because her energy did not collapse. I made several more routine checks by phone. Mojca recovered entirely.

Some patients have a wrong opinion about these kinds of treatments, i.e. wrong views of energy therapies, although they are highly educated or have gained extensive life experience. Such persons are influenced by the environment and by narrowly directed upbringing and education. Such negative influences are especially visible in patients who were treated or educated by spiritual teachers from a totalitarian regime. In such regime, the social system disabled normal work of people and badly affected their development. The state and its institutions persecuted individuals and groups of people who appeared in such environments in spite of the prohibition. That is why all movements of spiritual development were superficial and frequently wrong. Efforts of individuals invested in their spiritual development became counterproductive, and their psyche suffered on account of negative programmes or magic. Such cases are very characteristic of individuals who came from the countries of former socialist dictatorship.


There is a known feeling after treatment, when we all want to forget our disease and weak body state as soon as possible, try to forget difficulties and procedure of the treatment, as well as the time of recovery, and to occupy ourselves with the privileges brought by the healthy state of the organism. On the other hand, the opinion of the environment on alternative treatment is negative because medical services are embedded in the legislation of the society, and due to the negative attitude of mass media. A negative picture of alternative treatment often results from mediocre esoteric literature, which causes damage to itself by publishing bad-quality, unsystematic and superficial articles that are counterproductive. Negative opinion is also created by bad alternative therapists, especially bioenergy therapists, who create suspicion in the whole and diverse alternative medicine through the results of unsuccessful treatments. A patient who does not understand energy therapies and uses preventive and all-inclusive treatments hides such treatment from his environment in spite of successful treatment with an alternative technique. This human factor should be taken into consideration during treatment, and more attention should be paid to such patients.


(from the 7th chapter of “Health is Fortune”)

By recommendation of their friends, Ljubica and her husband came to an energy examination. Frightened and much tormented, she hardly said that they came from the Clinical Centre in Ljubljana, where the doctors stated that she had cancer on her left breast and must be urgently operated. This diagnosis terrified Ljubica, because she visited the doctor for another matter – she just wanted to have examined sudden pains in her left hand.

The examination of the energy and physical body showed a high presence of markers, i.e. sick cancerous cells in the organism, and her immune system broke down and lost energy. I explained to her that the damaged genes inherited from her mother and father were the main cause of her weak state, and that such damage to the DNA structure is a strong cause for the appearance of an incurable illnesses which is usually fatal. Damaged genes appear through the influence of spells and malediction and are inherited by the ancestors. They get activated in individuals by means of magic protocols. The cells with deformed genes represent no danger to the organism and human life; such person can also die of old age. Danger to the organism appears if the cells with an incorrect genetic structure start to act and develop in the organism, which is not in accordance with the functioning of the human body. They act as strangers in our body, they use our organism to grow and thus they slowly, but surely destroy it.

The development and action of these cells is caused by a magic protocol of the same intensity as spells and malediction.

Ljubica was a successful businesswoman who had experienced many difficult moments and therefore she listened to my advice very carefully. It was obvious that she could hardly believe that anyone could cure her breast. She doubted everything, especially the possibility that she could be healthy again.

The next phase of the treatment passed normally: I removed the influence of spells, malediction and magic, repaired genetic damages in all cells and for everyone in her family, and checked her apartment, where I ascertained that she partially slept on geo-pathological disturbances. I had to neutralise negative energy actions from various figures, icons, pictures and jewellery.

Ljubica cooperated well during the treatment and immediately rearranged her apartment, moving the bedroom furniture to the living room. She applied for the course on life-cosmic energy. The causes for the illness disappeared, so I started to treat the breast with the system of mental cleaning of all fluids in the organism and cured all her fears and traumas originating in the past.

After the first course, at the end of lectures, meditations and conversations, she commented on her experience and said that she felt reborn, as if awakened from a deep dream. Good results of her treatment were visible. She called after a month and declared that her left arm hurt no more; she felt no growths in her breast and could not express enough her great gratitude for regained health. Also, her family finally found peace. She was in a good mood and really felt healthy and happy as never before. Her final results from the hospital were negative on cancerous cells; the doctors could not explain the results and gave no smart comment.

One of the topics discussed at all courses on life-cosmic energy is the nutrition of the child after birth, the influence of milk and aura of the mother on the child’s aura, development, as well as talent, or the system of increasing the child’s intelligence quotient through education and upbringing. Up to the age of three or four, a child spontaneously sees the aura of people and recognises individuals according to their aura.

(from chapter 9th of the volume 3)