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What is Life Cosmic Energy by Bozidar Djurica

What is Life-Cosmic Energy

Author Bozidar Djurica

The explanation of the energy approach to healing requires the therapies to achieve results according to both therapeutic fields: the medical system and the energy system, where my rules are set up on an empirical basis, regularly providing a successful and widely acceptable therapeutic method. The chosen method of using life-cosmic energy, described in my three previous books on healing with this energy, is performed on the basis of scientific criteria established through the measurement of energy or spiritual states, and the transformation rules, defined as axioms, always giving excellent therapeutic results in practice.

The method of using life-cosmic energy consists of three stages:

  1. measurement of the energy level, which is simultaneously the health status of the measured organ or organism,
  2. in the case of illness, when there is a lack of energy, healing of the measured energy state, or more precisely, correction of the energy status by using transformation rules, so that additionally needed energy is directed or channelled to the diseased organ, and
  3. at the end of the therapy, measurement of its results, i.e. control of the energy procedures, in order to establish whether the body received the energy needed in the area treated and whether the energy level is that of a healthy organ.

Soon after the therapy, when the energies are in balance, we control the state again, and if the level of energy in the organs is healthy, the therapeutic procedure is completed.

It is possible to say that such therapeutic procedure – measurement, correction or healing, measurement or control – is scientifically acceptable. It is a combination of two systems, the scientific which is based on objective, scientifically verifiable and achieved findings, dictating scientific systems, and therapeutic practice of many years and the axioms discovered, enabling the formation of universal transformation rules and laws. If one is to master the system of measurement at the energy level and the transformation rules which certainly give positive results in practice, they must accept the combination of these two systems as the basis for a successful therapeutic method.

Now we understand that life-cosmic energy is an elixir of life and that, by providing this energy to the organism, any disease can by healed, even those that the medical science considers incurable. The effect of this energy on our organism cannot be of a harmful nature and is not detrimental, because the organism needs this energy and only accepts, receives and uses the amount of life-cosmic energy that it needs for functioning, no matter how much of this energy is around it. A life-cosmic energy therapist channels this energy in the patient’s body and is not in danger to become physically or mentally ill, like in the case of other alternative therapies. Like the patient, the therapist also needs life-cosmic energy. During therapy, when channelling additional energy in the patient’s organism, the therapist also receives the necessary energy, thus maintaining his or her own health by healing another.

In practice, all author’s experiments and discoveries concerning life-cosmic energy, energy enabling us life on Earth, are made according to the measurement method which have already been described in the first three books and whose nature we have already mentioned above. To name this energy, we used its main elements: enabling life on Earth and being in direct connection with the whole universe. To accept these principles and to be able to use this energy for universal purposes and needs on Earth, in our case for health maintenance, we must learn to follow and respect the natural laws and also to consider the system of spiritual development of individuals on their way to the final goal: learning about spiritual energies and programmes of the soul which take care of the development of our physical form and enable comprehensive functioning in the conditions in which we live.