Božidar Djurica, the author

Bozidar Djurica, is the first in the world to uncover the Energy of life, define its characteristics, and use it for healing and maintaining health.

I thank all those who turned to me when seeking help and health. They encouraged me to take a systematic approach to therapy and to decide to write a book about my findings, views and work, and to also teach others who wish to help themselves and people close to them. I also thank all those who stood at my side and contributed to the realisation of my books “Life-cosmic energy”.

Bozidar’s method uses a new, entirely holistic approach to healing that takes into account the complex conditions dictated by our life on Earth, it applies the life giving energy, ‘Life-Cosmic Energy’, and by doing so obtains heavenly results. His approach to healing is systematic, it encompasses all aspects of the illness by removing its causes and effects, and includes the treatment of most common disturbances and usually incurable medical conditions alike.

The healing method can be applied to both, persons present and at a distance, and the most important aspect of the procedure is that it does not leave any kind of harming side effects. The person can be healed in a short period in time, and regain a clear and healthy view on life with a strong feeling of rejuvenation.

To write a book or manual on a subject for which specialised literature is virtually non-existent is a tremendous challenge, as well as a great risk, for any author. Despite this hesitation, there are creative impulses in people that lead individuals to take the risk and undertake such gruelling work. I have primarily been led by an unselfish desire to let the readers get acquainted with my findings about this important matter, and also the desire to get feedback about the intelligibility of the text and the subject in general. The unproven can thus become a challenge to many, and the practical results of the healing presented can grow to be an enduring guarantee of the reality and lasting value of the text written.

The manual consists of three complementary parts.

The first segment gives the history of the appearance and defining the fundamental laws of the mantric-meditation systems;

and the second part describes the use of these laws in treatment. The methods are partially tied to the fields of biorgonomy and hatmara, and will contribute to the understanding of their basic principles and the principle of ‘life without illness’.

The third part of the manual leaves the fields of biorgonomy and hatmara at the side. They are replaced and upgraded by my findings. The third part contains a collection of instructions and many cases from the therapeutic practice, the methods of treating the consequences of disease and then also the final dealing with the disease itself. Here, it will be possible for the first time to learn about the technique of treatment without transformations and the technique of mental flashes, returning an organism into a healthy condition within seconds. It all seems that this or a similar technique was used by the great thinkers and miraculous healers known in the ancient times: ‘He put his hand on the patient and the patient was healed.’

My ultimate goal is to get to know this technique, the technique of treatment with the procedure of mental flashes, to learn it and to master it.