Books about Life-cosmic energy

Bozidar Djurica goodbye

I thank all those who turned to me when seeking help and health. They encouraged me to take a systematic approach to therapy and to decide to write books about my findings, views and work, and to also teach others who wish to help themselves and people close to them. I also thank all those […]

A Dedication to Bozidar Djurica

Bozidar Djurica goodbye

Bozidar Djurica himself once wrote that finding the words to express one’s gratitude towards someone who helps you in every aspect of your life is extremely difficult. Once again he couldn’t have been more right. If I was to invent more beautiful and expressive words than the existing ones still I would feel as if […]

Thanks to Irena Golouh

Irena Golouh and Bozidar Djurica

✽ About my dearest friend Irena Golouh. It is difficult to describe the aid of someone who helps you in every respect in the hardest moments in life. You cannot find the right words of thankfulness, you cannot be satisfied with any reward or commendation, you are humbled in your own eyes since you feel […]

Impressions from the Course Accomplishment and Developing of Consciousness with the methods of life cosmic energy

Impressions from the practical part of the Third Level Course on universal use of Life-Cosmic Energy that with honesty and respect for divine laws, which are the ground for the science of LCE, enables the participants to correctly measure energies and perform transformations that can maintain the health and neutralise disturbances that unable the healthy flow of the LCE, thus creating […]

Naomi visits the Life-Cosmic Energy author’s birthplace

Naomi eternalises the beginning of the 3rd level of life cosmic energy course. The venerable visit of one of the rare spiritual teachers in the last centuries on European ground. Naomi honoured the first day of the practical part of the 3rd level course on the use of life-cosmic energy visiting us in Boško’s birthplace. She […]

In Memory of our Boško

Božidar Djurica

On the first day of March 2016 in Ljubljana the noble life of Boško Djurica came to an end. He was a selfless teacher and mentor to many partners in dialogue, students, sick and cured individuals on the way of spiritual growth, who remember him with gratitude and respect, carrying him in our hearts. We […]

In Life Cosmic Energy Bozidar Djurica Remains Eternal

It has been one year. We lost our beloved Bozidar Djurica, just by physically. A great person for whom there were no limits to humanity, a spiritual healer who moved the terrestrial boundaries by reaching the levels of eternity. With his large heart, youthful cheerfulness of his spirit and warm penetrating eyes, full of joy […]

Words about Boško

Ali on a dark street

There is no language that can describe our beloved Boško, and there are no words to describe the greatness of what he has altruistically given to humanity. I am grateful and honoured to have had the chance to meet him before he passed away. With his therapies, literature and teachings, he put an end to […]

Two years with(out) Boško

On this day, 1st March, we commemorate 2 years since we’ve lost Boško, our dear teacher and friend, and yet, in a day like this, one finds it difficult to think of being “without” him, because hardly I can imagine how anyone who has come to contact with this noble man can ever be the […]