Bozidar Djurica goodbye

Books about Life-cosmic energy

I thank all those who turned to me when seeking help and health. They encouraged me to take a systematic approach to therapy and to

Bozidar Djurica goodbye

A Dedication to Bozidar Djurica

Bozidar Djurica himself once wrote that finding the words to express one’s gratitude towards someone who helps you in every aspect of your life is

Irena Golouh and Bozidar Djurica

Thanks to Irena Golouh

✽ About my dearest friend Irena Golouh. It is difficult to describe the aid of someone who helps you in every respect in the hardest

Božidar Djurica

In Memory of our Boško

On the first day of March 2016 in Ljubljana the noble life of Boško Djurica came to an end. He was a selfless teacher and

Ali on a dark street

Words about Boško

There is no language that can describe our beloved Boško, and there are no words to describe the greatness of what he has altruistically given

Two years with(out) Boško

On this day, 1st March, we commemorate 2 years since we’ve lost Boško, our dear teacher and friend, and yet, in a day like this,