Life Cosmic Energy, fifth book, Healing of Spaces

Healing of Spaces with Life-Cosmic Energy

In his 5th book, the author, endowed with a clear perception of the world of energies and attaining extraordinary therapeutic achievements leading to unthinkable recoveries of health, upgrades the presentation of the system of integral therapy and recovery, from the causes to the consequences, without side effects, by using the energy that is a condition for life on earth and accessible to anyone. The systematic approach that the author has researched and developed throughout decades is empirically scientific and based on spiritual laws, with immediate results in physical reality.

What is Life Cosmic Energy by Bozidar Djurica

What is Life-Cosmic Energy

The explanation of the energy approach to healing requires the therapies to achieve results according to both therapeutic fields: the medical system and the energy system, where my rules are set up on an empirical basis, regularly providing a successful and widely acceptable therapeutic method. The chosen method of using life-cosmic energy, described in my three previous books on healing with this energy, is performed on the basis of scientific criteria established through the measurement of energy or spiritual states, and the transformation rules, defined as axioms, always giving excellent therapeutic results in practice.

Life without Illness - Life Cosmic Energy, book by Bozidar Djurica

Life Without Illness: Life-Cosmic Energy


One who has the gift of healing (who has the cosmic approval to heal) must not be opposed or forbidden to heal by anyone.

Divine Influence of the Universe - Life-Cosmic Energy, book by Bozidar Djurica

Divine Influence of the Universe: Life-Cosmic Energy

From the 1. Chapter – Insight: 1.3. Spiritual Growth of an Individual: Since the physical body and the spiritual body are components of one and the same being, it is understandable that the governing ego will not let us follow our inner self instead.