Life-cosmic energy classes

Eeducational programme for therapists with life-cosmic energy is arranged in such a way that they attain a high level of spiritual growth with very little invested energy. It is necessary to adopt the principles proposed, not to doubt or check spiritual laws, i.e. cosmic laws, and to train and heal for so long that our words transform into pictures, and pictures into mental flashes or sparks.

Everyone who wants to become a therapist must follow the path of a personal spiritual progress, because spirituality cannot be learned, but deserved, i.e. a therapist can only attain a higher spiritual level as a merit or reward, through his work and investment of energy. Afterwards, we become ready for the work with spiritual energies and we are able to establish good relations at all levels of life. Many cannot evolve spiritually without education, which is nevertheless not a decisive factor in the spiritual growth of an individual. Education represents a brake in the majority of cases, because we equalise education accomplished by learning with spiritual growth which we must deserve by investing our personal energy, effort and time. A therapist must train systematically and give his energy for spiritual growth, as well as maximally adopt humanist principles of ethics and morals, which represent the condition for reaching the level of universal love.

In practice, we can notice a large number of people who declare themselves to be spiritually developed individuals, although we cannot find even a trace of spiritual qualities in them. Such individuals are most frequently met as the authors of books or magazine articles, manufacturers of protection aids, healers who cure one problem but not the other, or as those who perform special healing techniques and present themselves as clairvoyants, prophets, fortune-tellers, dowsers, astrologers, crystal therapists, numerologists and the like. It could be said that among such belongs almost everyone who performs oriental esoteric techniques. Such knowledge should be respected, but by no means mixed up with the spiritual principles. One of the highly developed spiritual persons, a man who lived in the first half of the twentieth century, told in relation to that subject and those people: “This is a monkey improvisation of esoteric techniques”.

Educational programme for therapists with life-cosmic energy is arranged in such a way that they attain a high level of spiritual growth with very little invested energy. It is necessary to adopt the principles proposed, not to doubt or check spiritual laws, i.e. cosmic laws, and to train and heal for so long that our words transform into pictures, and pictures into mental flashes or sparks. After that, it will be enough just to think of the problem encountered in the treatment process and of the method of transformation, i.e. solving the problem according to the system of life-cosmic energy usage, and the whole procedure will be performed, and the patient cured. This principle means that we, for instance, put a hand on a sore knee and the pain vanishes, or that we converse with the patient by phone and his medical condition improves immediately.



For any beginner learning to become a therapist it is very important how his or her work will take place, how the rules of work will be defined and in what way he or she will receive therapeutic lessons. In the past years, the rule has been established that therapeutic work with life-cosmic energy must be based on the principle:

When we determine by measuring that a certain area or state of an organism is without energy (which means that there is illness or beginning of illness!), we bring energy to this area through transformation, i.e. by channelling. If this concerns a certain organ, it will receive the energy and get healthy. The body as a whole accepts the new condition and begins the process of healing. Logically, at the end of a therapeutic operation or after adding energy to a certain organ, we re-measure its energy potential and check how successful we were. Measurements are not a special problem, while transformations can cause problems even to an experienced and good therapist. This happens because transformations may take a long time or be demanding in some other way, and the therapist must do them correctly. Several decades of work with life-cosmic energy transformations brought the author to a position where he was able to reduce transformations to the minimal duration. In particular, it seems that the reader should know that even this minimal form of transformations will soon be abandoned and that we will work with mental flashes.

In the work with flashes, it is enough to concentrate in the mind on a certain condition of an organism, and the process of energy channelling and thus healing of organism is carried out in a flash.

The successfulness of therapeutic work also depends on the condition of the therapist when he or she channels the energy, i.e. performs transformations. In practice, the state in which a therapist is while performing transformations is popularly called meditation. The word meditation can be understood in several ways. Various techniques from the East explain meditation systems for their own specific needs. Consequently, it is understandable that in the literature and practice this term is ascribed different meanings and that different authors have different views of this activity. I will also use the term meditation when explaining the system of transformations in therapy with life-cosmic energy.

The main principle with which we will operate when performing transformations is the use of the MENTAL COMPONENT and MEDITATION.

The task of the mental component, i.e. use of our brain, is that our thoughts create a matrix or programme for the realisation of a certain idea. All that we think about spontaneously creates live programmes waiting to be realised. Many cases have shown that if the mother is sending her child to school and wishes to make him get into his head that he should be careful about the traffic so that there is not an accident (and the like), she creates a matrix that this will indeed happen. When the child is actually involved in a car accident, the mother makes another mistake and justifies her ignorance of mental processes or stupidity, claiming how she knew in advance that an accident would happen. In fact, she was the designer and implementer of the child’s accident.

If we influence our thoughts for long enough and with concentration – meditate – this mind pattern, programme or matrix will also be realised. Thus, for instance, the above case of a mother and the child’s going to school can be fixed and an accident prevented by not meditating on the possibility of an accident. We must not meditate on, think about the idea that the child should be careful about the traffic: we simply hug him and thus give him love, or shortly kiss him farewell and forget about the possibility of a danger on his way.

Realisation also depends on the accuracy of performing the meditation and on the psycho-physical condition of the therapist. The whole process of meditation must take place in a state that the scientists popularly call alpha-theta state. This is a state in which the brain waves oscillate at the frequency of 7 to 8 Hz, when the realisation of spiritual values begins. Since people daily function in the stress area of brain wave frequencies above 25 Hz, we must adjust for the alpha-theta state, i.e. for the moment when, with the lowering of the frequency, our meditation enables our transformations to work, i.e. the moment when our inner self begins to operate. The transition from the stress area of the ego into the alpha-theta state of the inner self, and back to the stress area can be defined as ‘SWITCH-OFF/SWITCH-ON’.

It would be nice if there were no such necessary transitions from one state to another, as meditation, when we master it, gives us much more. However, the state with high meditation ability, in which transitions are not necessary, requires a huge amount of time: therapists would need kilometres and kilometres, hours and years of meditation to be able to push their ego to the side painlessly, so that it is not complaining and hindering them in transformations. This explains why for the people in the western hemisphere it is easier and quicker to master the switch-off/switch-off method as a meditation condition, instead of training meditation for generally useful abilities for years and years.

All those readers who have practices yoga or meditation have an advantage in the studying of this material and in therapeutic transformations, as it is easier for them to learn. They have trained and invested sufficient energy to be able to push their egos to the side and to transit to the state where the truth, inner self operates. Here also, the use of mental projection is very useful, although we will fully use it later in the studying of mental flashes. Beginners often find themselves among these different eastern methods and their purposes. For instance, training of concentration for therapeutic work does not bring good results. If we compare the process of concentration with the process of devoting of attention (in principle, these are similar conscious techniques), we learn that concentration is useless without a goal set in advance, while devoting of attention contributed a great deal to our successful therapeutic work. The classical system of visualisation also enables the development of the process of observation and examination of internal organs, although therapeutic examination of internal organs is completely different in practice. In brief: it must be clear to anyone learning about such techniques from the East that they may mislead them and that they must methodically consciously adjust to the purpose and need of the therapeutic work with life-cosmic energy.

Course of Development

We got acquainted with the life-cosmic energy and the way this energy can be exploited. Energy cannot get lost: it just transforms from one state into another. Thus the life-cosmic energy, in one or another way absorbed by all organisms on Earth, is also transformed into the energy that these organisms use for their activities, and that they simultaneously emit. We call this energy life energy, and in certain cases, e.g. when talking about a physical body, we can equate it with bioenergy.

If the organism receives life-cosmic energy and transforms it into life energy or bioenergy, there are objective possibilities for the therapist to determine, on the basis of this transformation, for each organ, organism or body whether they are healthy or ill. Many years B.C., India, China and Japan knew about this life energy, calling it ‘prana’ in India, ‘chi’ in China and ‘ki’ in Japan. For instance, a Chinese describing a healthy organism would say that the ‘chi’ of the organism is good.

The physical body, which has a defined tangible and visible form, is followed by the protective emulsive ethereal body. Above the ethereal intangible body there are undefined invisible bodies, the body of emotions – the astral body, and the body of our thoughts – the mental body. Above these bodies created by our physical tangible and visible body, which are inseparably connected with the physical body and form a whole with it, there are invisible energy bodies which are not dependent on the complex physical body: the physical body, on the contrary, depends on them. These bodies are of energy; for our needs, through simplification, we call them spiritual or energy bodies.

The connecting element between life-cosmic energy and the physical body lies in the spiritual body. If the physical body does not receive sufficient life-cosmic energy, the reason lies in the spiritual body. In such a case, the physical and spiritual bodies do not function