The treatment with Life-Cosmic Energy

Every living organism emanates or gives in the surrounding space the energy that depends on the organism’s functioning. Such energy is resultant, secondary and today known as bioenergy or energy of the biosystem. This means that we have two energies: life cosmic energy that we receive through food and chakras as a primary energy, and bioenergy emitted by our body in the form of a secondary energy. When the organism functions, the life-cosmic energy must break through the bioenergy and that way create the energy whirl or vortex in the bioenergy of the body that we call chakra. According to the structure of chakra, we can ascertain how much of different energies are needed to a certain organ of the body to which such chakra is connected.

In the field of bioenergy, it is registered whether an organ received the life-cosmic energy or not, and whether the organ in the body functions regularly; e.g. ill organs do not receive the life-cosmic energy and therefore lack a strong and wide bioenergy field around themselves, which is well visible in the aura, in the places where such organ is located in the body.

The basic principle of treatment with life-cosmic energy is to convey such energy to the places where a change in the strength of bioenergy field appeared. With the help of aura, we determine in the field of bioenergy whether there is no, too little or too much energy, and therefore receive an answer how such organ of the body functions. We bring life-cosmic energy into that organ in order to improve the energy state of the organ in the body. In principle, each organism possesses a very good defence system, which maintains functioning of the body in the conditions in which the body operates. By channelling the life-cosmic energy, we practically help the defence system to heal a weak or ill state, because the defence system is overburdened in that moment or distracted by the influence of an exterior negative energy.

The therapeutic process, i.e. treatment with life-cosmic energy, leaves no harmful consequences in the organism. Working with this energy of life, we can improve the state of the organism, cure it or nothing happens. Therapy causes no pain. Everything is controlled by the patient’s soul that enables the whole therapeutic process. It could be said that after the transformation made by the therapist, the soul, i.e. guardian angel, takes over ­– with the defence system of the body – the whole therapeutic process and responsibility for success.


From the point of view of the classic European medicine, illness is a condition when certain factors leave certain consequences on the organism. In medicine, only prevention tries to achieve a state where an illness does not come and where people leave healthily. These treatments take place on the physical body, but medicine will soon make a big step and start to also observe the energy states, as this will be the only way to learn the causes of an illness and to prevent them or heal them successfully.

Therapists have a certain advantage because from their point of view they observe and define a disease from its origin to the consequence, i.e. illness. They focus on the cause of illness and then on its healing. They meet energies influencing the physical body, so that as therapists they are a step ahead of medicine, although in the end they also treat the disease. In my opinion, an integral approach to patients would be ensured when the therapist and the doctor would work synchronically, together, or when the doctor would simultaneously be a therapist.
Roughly, the development of any illness can be defined as having three stages.


The first stage is the moment an injury appears in the auric system, but its size is such that it does not yet impact the physical level. Medicine cannot yet know what is happening with the patient; the patient does not yet know exactly what is happening, although he occasionally feels bad; there are rare cases when he seeks help.


The second stage is a stadium where the body also starts to change physically due to the injury in the auric system. The illness indicator is present, the condition of the organism is changed; medicine only registers it as a poor condition, but does not know what it is, and can therefore not set a diagnosis.


The third stage involves the appearance of illness at the physical level. Here, on the basis of the consequences of illness, showing in an insufficient functioning or non-functioning of an organ, medicine successfully intervenes in all cases, unless the disease has progressed so much that it has heavily damaged the organ.
For therapists, the FIRST STAGE is indicative; this is the stage where the cause of the illness is located and is hiding. Since illness first appears visibly at the energy level, the aura, and then progresses to the body and the consequences, therapists must master this field, i.e. the field of pure energies. Only in this way they discover that they will often have to distance themselves from the patient and search for the cause of the illness far away from the body, both in space and in time.

According to their initial origin, the causes for the appearance of illness can be divided to five areas. Practice shows that the causes lie in karma, reincarnation, complementary partner, inheritance from the father, and inheritance from the mother.
Under karma, we can understand our whole life from the birth, where there are the most causes for an illness.
There has not been a precise definition of reincarnation, and in therapeutic practice the least causes for injuries or diseases come from this group.

The complementary partner also has his karma, however, only a small part of it has an impact on us.

Constant problems appear when inheriting diseases or when being prone to illness after one’s father or mother. The traits of our ancestors and the ancestors of our complementary partner influence us up to the seventh generation. We call this ‘our history’.

The questions who can become a therapist with life-cosmic energy seem totally unnecessary. This technique can be mastered by any healthy person, regardless of his or her age, gender, level of education attained, religious adherence, ethnicity and the like. There is a single, simple principle: how to prevent our ego from misleading us during the time we perform the measurements and transformations. The therapeutic technique envisages the so-called switch-on/switch-off system where, for a brief time, for the duration of the spontaneous flash, the ego is prevented from controlling the functions of consciousness and disabled to perform the rational operation learned. This is it. The rest is steps that we carry out according to the written rules or according to the established known scheme.

On this basis, it has been concluded for a long time that the members of the human race in fact know everything and that all that defines our human micro-cosmos is hidden in our brain: it only needs to be reminded of that. If these programmes are active, functioning with a certain motivation, we understand these issues. If they are inactive, we do not understand this area – the programmes do not understand the signals and changes in their specific fields of the functioning of a human organism.

Thus, for instance, the programmes enabling the learning about spiritual events are heavily blocked in most Christians, while in the inhabitants in the East, they are open. Consequently, the acceptance of their wisdoms and spiritual teachings is so much harder in our environment, because we simply are not able to understand this.

The nature took care that a change in the genetic code does not destroy the basis of creation, as there are many identical sequences for one act or function of an organ. This enables the therapist to return the damaged genes to the healthy condition and perform corrective treatment. Practice shows that this is true.

Of special interest is the insight of the therapist into the inter-programme programmes, functioning synchronically in the complex multidimensional system between individual organs, between the systems in the body, between bodies, between the nature and the universe. These existing connections explain how, by treating an organ, we can heal another organ (or organs), and how while treating another person (e.g. patient) we can simultaneously treat ourselves.

Today, the method of the therapy with life-cosmic energy and its healing effects are scientifically provable up to 85%. Around 15% of its contents cannot be proved, namely the mediation-mantric system of transformations and the psychotronic machine; these cannot be explained and their functioning cannot be described.

However, the practice of many therapists on different continents at different periods of time showed that the method of this therapy works. Consequently, it is compatible with the methods of the classical European medicine. The only difference is that the known official medicine primarily operates on the physical part of the body by treating the consequences of a disease, while the method of therapy with life-cosmic energy operates starting with the cause and at spiritual level, and is in the end of the treatment transferred to the physical level, to the organism itself.

More specifically, at the spiritual level therapists eliminate the cause of illness, i.e. heal its inner source, which they are also able to do much earlier than the illness visibly appears or is manifested, while the classical medicine takes action when the visible traces and consequences of the illness appear. A therapist with life-cosmic energy heals or prevents the impact of the cause of an illness on the organism, and enables the organism to maintain healthy condition; or, in the case of a destroyed normal condition, to re-establish the healthy condition, or enables the organism to acquire or regain the healthy condition, which confirms the advantage of the method.

Practice shows that at the spiritual level the temporal component and the component of distance do not work. This principle enables therapeutic distance work and the development of parapsychological capacities, like mind reading and clairvoyance. In an uneducated population, the therapists often leave the impression that they perform miracles, because the people do not understand these phenomena, phenomena without material components. They are especially admired for the speed of their work with flashes and work with spells, curses and black magic. However, with persistent education, this incredulous surprise and wonder will also be lost.

The dealing of the therapist with his/her ego must be painless, since our ego brought us to the point where we can consider the possibility to exclude it during transformations, to make the switch-on/switch-off operation work. Ego will certainly be satisfied if the therapeutic work is successful, it will like it that we succeeded with the therapy, that we help the patient and that we know something. Ego gets its satisfaction, although in the final stage of education we will no longer be aware of this, because we will be completely impregnated by universal love.

Divine Influence of the Universe

The fact that people endeavour to resolve problems starting with the consequences, and not the causes, and that most of the rules and methods are established on this basis creates an even greater uncertainty. During the initial evolution, humans were not yet able to resolve problems starting with the source, i.e. the cause. Therefore, an empirical system had become established, with the fundamental rule: to win and stay alive, or to be gone. The laws of nature governed. Humans had gradually set the rule that anything to be accepted as a principle or law must have a scientific basis and proven foundation.

This led to the human species interfering with the nature and starting to change it. Humans found themselves in command, beginning to arrange everything around them, in their own taste, of course. 

By destroying individual animal species, cutting down forests, redirecting natural flows, etc., they interfered with the nature and thus with their own essence, which brought them in contradiction with the cosmic laws. A conflict was created.

By all means, in the future humans will continue to make progress in their all-round development, regardless of this conflict and their incriminated ‘opposition to the nature’. The nature probably does not have anything against it. It behaves according to the rule of cause and effect: it does not get alarmed if there is snow in the summer or strong sun in the winter.

If we take as the starting point that a human organism is able to maintain itself, then it logically follows that, in the moment of a failure in its defence system, we can help this organism find the way to a solution in the critical moments when health is at risk, and to overcome the disease itself. This is the fundamental task of treatment and therapeutic work. With his or her work, a therapist must enable the system at risk to be maximally capable of self-defence.

Countless books have been written about the discovery of and research into cosmic and life energy The plant and animal world depends on the energy emanated and sent by the universe: without the Sun’s energy, there is no life on Earth. If an organism has enough of this energy, it is able to overcome any disease. Problems appear when an organism is no able to accept this energy, i.e. when it is blocked, or when it is disturbed by something within it, or when it is disabled by something from the outside.

Here there is need for a therapist who channels the life-cosmic energy from the universe into the patient.

Estimated roughly, an organism endangered in such a way may only receive, through food, breathing and other activities, five to ten percent of this energy needed per day, which is relatively little compared to the work of a therapist: a qualified therapist may give the patient one hundred percent. Logically, before therapy, the therapist must remove all the causes making the organism unable to receive an adequate amount of life-cosmic energy by itself, so that the patient does not fall back into the poor energetic state.

The basic question of any analyst is: How to approach therapeutic work? First, the question is what are the consequences of therapeutic work on the organism of the patient. It is known that almost all therapeutic techniques, all kinds of alternative treatment, especially treatment with bioenergy, exert visible consequences on the patient and the therapist. In my experience, today the majority of classical therapists or known bioenergy therapists are disease carriers and frequently ill themselves; many harmful and negative ‘programmes’ are present in their organisms. The saddest thing is that most of them die very early due to the influence of these negative programmes.


The work with life-cosmic energy is divine and has no side effects. The patient is better, or his/her condition does not become worse due to treatment with cosmic energy: in the worst case nothing happens. This energy is an elixir for bio-systems:

its functioning can be compared with the adding of clean water into an aquarium, when the fish can only be better, or nothing changes. It is no wonder that today the majority calls this energy ‘divine’; many claim that this energy has been recognised as the highest principle and that, under the name of ‘god’, it has become the basis for all religions in the world. By all means, work with this energy gives wonderful results, when the patient already comes alive after two therapies, regaining confidence in life and obtaining the will to recuperate.

That the treatment described is possible and efficient can be confirmed or checked very quickly by observing the genetic code of any cell: with a glance, we can quickly find in it an unbelievable wealth of programmes. In the genetic structure of a person, around a billion and seven million recordings are kept in a single dimension. Each person receives his or her genes through inheritance; in this way, the history of our lives, experience, spiritual growth, illness, etc. is also carried forward into the genes of our descendants; thus, we can explain, understand or justify reincarnation, karma and many other things.

The work is done according to the scientific principle ‘measure – transform – measure’, which gives the therapist the feedback whether the operation was successful or not, i.e. whether he/she is doing it correctly. This principle makes it possible for the healer and the patient to be followed in the therapeutic work up close or at distance.

If we exploit the full possibility of spiritual potential and therapeutic work with life-cosmic energy, we find that a therapist can heal a patient who is present or not. Energy is everywhere and can be changed from one form into another, but it cannot be destroyed. At the spiritual level, there is no distance, and the patient can be here, among us, or on the other side of the world; since there is also no temporal component at the spiritual level, the operation can happen.

SWITCH-OFF/SWITCH-ON system in theraputic work with life cosmic energy

For any beginner learning to become a therapist with life cosmic energy is very important how his or her work will take place, how the rules of work will be defined and in what way he or she will receive therapeutic lessons. In the past years, the rule has been established that therapeutic work with life-cosmic energy must be based on the principle ‘MEASUREMENT – TRANSFORMATION – MEASUREMENT’. When we determine by measuring that a certain area or state of an organism is without energy (which means that there is illness or beginning of illness!), we bring energy to this area through transformation, i.e. by channelling. If this concerns a certain organ, it will receive the energy and get healthy. The body as a whole accepts the new condition and begins the process of healing. Logically, at the end of a therapeutic operation or after adding energy to a certain organ, we re-measure its energy potential and check how successful we were.

In our work so far we have realised that measurements are not a special problem, while transformations can cause problems even to an experienced and good therapist. This happens because transformations may take a long time or be demanding in some other way, and the therapist must do them correctly. Several decades of work with life-cosmic energy transformations brought me to a position where I was able to reduce transformations to the minimal duration. In particular, it seems to me that the reader should know that even this minimal form of transformations will soon be abandoned and that we will work with mental flashes. In the work with flashes, it is enough to concentrate in the mind on a certain condition of an organism, and the process of energy channelling and thus healing of organism is carried out in a flash.

The successfulness of therapeutic work also depends on the condition of the therapist when he or she channels the energy, i.e. performs transformations.  In practice, the state in which a therapist is while performing transformations is popularly called meditation. The word meditation can be understood in several ways. Various techniques from the East explain meditation systems for their own specific needs. Consequently, it is understandable that in the literature and practice this term is ascribed different meanings and that different authors have different views of this activity. I will also use the term meditation when explaining the system of transformations in therapy with life-cosmic energy.

The main principle with which we will operate when performing transformations is the use of the MENTAL COMPONENT and MEDITATION.

The task of the mental component, i.e. use of our brain, is that our thoughts create a matrix or programme for the realisation of a certain idea. All that we think about spontaneously creates live programmes waiting to be realised. Many cases have shown that if the mother is sending her child to school and wishes to make him get into his head that he should be careful about the traffic so that there is not an accident (and the like), she creates a matrix that this will indeed happen. When the child is actually involved in a car accident, the mother makes another mistake and justifies her ignorance of mental processes or stupidity, claiming how she knew in advance that an accident would happen. In fact, she was the designer and implementer of the child’s accident.

If we influence our thoughts for long enough and with concentration – meditate – this mind pattern, programme or matrix will also be realised. Thus, for instance, the above case of a mother and the child’s going to school can be fixed and an accident prevented by not meditating on the possibility of an accident. We must not meditate on, think about the idea that the child should be careful about the traffic: we simply hug him and thus give him love, or shortly kiss him farewell and forget about the possibility of a danger on his way.

Realisation also depends on the accuracy of performing the meditation and on the psycho-physical condition of the therapist. The whole process of meditation must take place in a state that the scientists popularly call alpha-theta state. This is a state in which the brain waves oscillate at the frequency of 7 to 8 Hz, when the realisation of spiritual values begins. Since people daily function in the stress area of brain wave frequencies above 25 Hz, we must adjust for the alpha-theta state, i.e. for the moment when, with the lowering of the frequency, our meditation enables our transformations to work, i.e. the moment when our inner self begins to operate. The transition from the stress area of the ego into the alpha-theta state of the inner self, and back to the stress area can be defined as ‘SWITCH-OFF/SWITCH-ON’.

It would be nice if there were no such necessary transitions from one state to another, as meditation, when we master it, gives us much more. However, the state with high meditation ability, in which transitions are not necessary, requires a huge amount of time: therapists would need kilometres and kilometres, hours and years of meditation to be able to push their ego to the side painlessly, so that it is not complaining and hindering them in transformations. This explains why for the people in the western hemisphere it is easier and quicker to master the switch-off/switch-off method as a meditation condition, instead of training meditation for generally useful abilities for years and years.

All those readers who have practices yoga or meditation have an advantage in the studying of this material and in therapeutic transformations, as it is easier for them to learn. They have trained and invested sufficient energy to be able to push their egos to the side and to transit to the state where the truth, inner self operates. Here also, the use of mental projection is very useful, although we will fully use it later in the studying of mental flashes. Beginners often find themselves among these different eastern methods and their purposes. For instance, training of concentration for therapeutic work does not bring good results. If we compare the process of concentration with the process of devoting of attention (in principle, these are similar conscious techniques), we learn that concentration is useless without a goal set in advance, while devoting of attention contributed a great deal to our successful therapeutic work. The classical system of visualisation also enables the development of the process of observation and examination of internal organs, although therapeutic examination of internal organs is completely different in practice. In brief: it must be clear to anyone learning about such techniques from the East that they may mislead them and that they must methodically consciously adjust to the purpose and need of the therapeutic work with life-cosmic energy.


We got acquainted with the life-cosmic energy and the way this energy can be exploited. Energy cannot get lost: it just transforms from one state into another. Thus the life-cosmic energy, in one or another way absorbed by all organisms on Earth, is also transformed into the energy that these organisms use for their activities, and that they simultaneously emit. We call this energy life energy, and in certain cases, e.g. when talking about a physical body, we can equate it with bioenergy.

If the organism receives life-cosmic energy and transforms it into life energy or bioenergy, there are objective possibilities for the therapist to determine, on the basis of this transformation, for each organ, organism or body whether they are healthy or ill. Many years B.C., India, China and Japan knew about this life energy, calling it ‘prana’ in India, ‘chi’ in China and ‘ki’ in Japan. For instance, a Chinese describing a healthy organism would say that the ‘chi’ of the organism is good.
The physical body, which has a defined tangible and visible form, is followed by the protective emulsive ethereal body. Above the ethereal intangible body there are undefined invisible bodies, the body of emotions – the astral body, and the body of our thoughts – the mental body. Above these bodies created by our physical tangible and visible body, which are inseparably connected with the physical body and form a whole with it, there are invisible energy bodies which are not dependent on the complex physical body: the physical body, on the contrary, depends on them. These bodies are of energy; for our needs, through simplification, we call them spiritual or energy bodies.

The connecting element between life-cosmic energy and the physical body lies in the spiritual body. If the physical body does not receive sufficient life-cosmic energy, the reason lies in the spiritual body. In such a case, the physical and spiritual bodies do not function harmoniously: the flow of energy is hindered because an area has been damaged. Therefore, it is logical that there is a cause and a visible consequence.

That the treatment described is possible and efficient can be confirmed or checked very quickly by observing the genetic code of any cell: with a glance, we can quickly find in it an unbelievable wealth of programmes. In the genetic structure of a person, around a billion and seven million recordings are kept in a single dimension. Each person receives his or her genes through inheritance; in this way, the history of our lives, experience, spiritual growth, illness, etc. is also carried forward into the genes of our descendants; thus, we can explain, understand or justify reincarnation, karma and many other things.

The work is done according to the scientific principle ‘measure – transform – measure’, which gives the therapist the feedback whether the operation was successful or not, i.e. whether he/she is doing it correctly. This principle makes it possible for the healer and the patient to be followed in the therapeutic work up close or at distance.

If we exploit the full possibility of spiritual potential and therapeutic work with life-cosmic energy, we find that a therapist can heal a patient who is present or not. Energy is everywhere and can be changed from one form into another, but it cannot be destroyed. At the spiritual level, there is no distance, and the patient can be here, among us, or on the other side of the world; since there is also no temporal component at the spiritual level, the operation can happen.

The Impact of the Complementary Partner

From the book 2, chapter 6.:

When healing a patient we often find that his complementary partner is lifeless or without life energy, or that (s)he is dominant, or ill, or under the influence of a spell, curse or black magic.

Dominance of the complementary partner shows as a lasting appropriation of the patient’s energy. The patient thus remains without energy and feels terrible, and it is difficult to discover the reason for his poor state. We heal the body of the complementary partner, repair his central DNA which is turning to the right, and rejoin him with the patient.

A sick complementary partner does not support the patient. Measurement shows that his life energy level is maximally 3. We heal the partner’s diseases with Rules I and II, and rejoin him with the patient.

Black magic and other such influences on the complementary partner are rare, but do exist. A well trained therapist can alleviate such influences, remove any programmed destructive protocols and enable a normal positive impact of the complementary partner on the patient.

Joining with the Complementary Partner: Bring the complementary partner to life with Rule III and join him with the patient by imagining that they stand together, hugging each other. Draw a spiral around them as presented in the picture: the artist illustrated the posture of the patient and his complementary partner in her own way, but they can also be next to one another in different positions. Crucial for a successful joining is the spiral around the two bodies, which turns counter-clockwise and starts above the heads. The circles then gradually descend and increase until they reach half way down, and then gradually decrease until the point under their feet. 

Complementary partner

An enormous effort was invested in:
Experiments of countless meditative techniques from the East and their transfer to and usage in the West /// Long-standing training for my own (author’s) constant experiencing of spiritual levels and spiritual growth /// thousands of tests and experiments for the creation of secret words in the transformation rules, as well as selection of the corresponding energies that we depend on and may use for our health /// reading tons of books, attendance of many lectures and courses on those subjects, as well as learning about esoteric techniques and spiritual orders in the West, their organisations and necessity for secrecy /// studies of atomic physics, quantum mechanics and subatomic particles, their energy and physical appearance /// studies of the anatomy of human body and physiology, understanding of the body action on the basis of genetic codes and programmes that are under direct command of the soul through brain activity /// overcoming the negative consequences of the society’s attitude toward physically unprovable energy assertions and axioms, as well as mistrust of the society in the possibility of using energy for healing /// studies of psychology and influence of psychotherapy on human being, as well as negative and wrong attitude of psychologists toward esoteric science, and their negative system of engaging the mass media and prevention of spiritual sciences from getting established in social structures /// analyses of human behaviour, from their birth to death, depending on an individual’s character and attitude toward family, society, working place, development of humanity, ethics and sociality /// tracking of different alternative teachings in our society, their non-preparedness for work at spiritual level and frequent wrong approaches and usage of harmful energy in healing /// reception of the principles of universal love, state of being initiated, and divine contact with non-sensual events /// and much more practical and theoretical work, with the intention to achieve the goal of a new view of our life, its source and system of functioning.

The attempt to establish the original, primary energy that enables us life, as well as an empiric and practical proof of its true existence, enabled the establishment and creation of new principles concerning the view of our existence on Earth. The question whether this energy is life-cosmic energy, God and his programme, action of the universe or something else is not problematic, while the finding that we depend on this energy that gives us life is significant. With this definition of energy that gives us life, we get the basis on which we build the task of maintaining our health, finding the way to health and happiness in life – values based on this source energy. The respond of human organism to this energy is divine. All experiments showed that this source energy, life-cosmic energy, has no negative consequences of action on organism and only gives positive results, while in the case that an organism does not accept it, nothing will happen, which also confirms the original principle of life.

The organism uses life-cosmic energy for life and emits secondary energy or bioenergy around the organism as the consequence of this usage. Bioenergy as the consequence of the transformation of one energy into another, i.e. life-cosmic energy into bioenergy, gives an excellent indication how the organs in the body function and how successfully they perform their functional tasks.

This gives us the basis for measurement. If an organ has insufficient bioenergy, that means that it is incapable to transform one energy into another and is weakened or, in other words, it is sick. We must help such organ, because the defence system of the body is not able to do that. We help by adding life-cosmic energy to the organ, strengthening the defence system in that organ by channelling life-cosmic energy, and enabling the organ to overcome the difficulties. A logical conclusion is that the source energy of life is the life-cosmic energy, which is therefore the most appropriate energy to be used for interfering with all areas of human existence. All other examples of using energy to interfere with the human body leave strong negative consequences on the organism. Such actions are not all-inclusive, but partial and inappropriate for healing, because with such systems of treatment, we can make one organ healthy, but two others sick.

Measurements at energy or spiritual level cannot provide a physical proof of accuracy or real outcome of the measurement, and only that part of the material described in first three books depends on empiric and practical proofs or the system of independent, double and parallel ways of measurement. That does not change the facts, because the history of mankind proves that people have used physically unprovable phenomena throughout history and founded the basis for their real picture through practice. Meditations, secret words and transformation rules, although physically unprovable and immeasurable, work whether we like it or not, which also proves that the mankind has not yet reached the outermost limits in evolution.

Also, the identification of damage, including the cause, development and consequence of an illness on the organism, gives a complete analysis of the events, from damaged energy body to the consequences on the physical body. The medicine only treats the last, third stage in the development of illness, i.e. only the consequences on the physical body, and that way does not provide an integral therapy. By healing the causes of illness, we eliminate the possibility of the reappearance of illness, i.e. we remove the basis for the development of illness, which will certainly not reappear if we properly and promptly treated the causes. According to this principle, by providing a complete treatment, we can establish the basis for proper health maintenance, we can accomplish life without illness, a happy life, which today’s medicine still cannot offer.

The human organism possesses a sufficiently good system for the maintenance of a healthy state of the body. An illness only appears when this system fails due to a burden, overstrain, or interference or blockage.

By influencing this system, we use the right approach, because we enable the organism to overcome any disease, even one that medicine considers to be incurable. Medicine acts directly on the illness by using chemical substances, surgical interventions, as well as preventive systems to a smaller extent, which altogether provide significant help to the physical body. However, some medical methods leave so severe consequences that it would be best not to accept such medical treatment at all. The healing with life-cosmic energy provides a complete treatment in all segments, from the beginning or cause, through the development of illness, and therefore has a larger preventive advantage over the medical offer, which only treats the illnesses of the physical body. Work at the energy level has no negative consequences. This means that we cannot be poisoned with tablets or remain without an organ, which happens in medical practice.

Practice has shown that pain warns a person immediately that something is not right in the organism and that pain is a necessary help. Therefore, we could say that this unpleasant phenomenon is very significant for our health. Pain does not mean that the illness is in its third stage, when consequences appear in the organs, but it implies that energy damage started to affect the physical body, which responds by pain. The records on the treatment with life-cosmic energy show that approximately eighty percent of all patients are in the first or second stage of illness, when there are still no consequences on the body organs, and medicine is still unable to act since the physical body is not yet endangered. Such patients can be treated with several energy therapies and their illness will not reappear, because we always cure the causes of illness by means of this method. All this means that in the case of cooperation between alternative and classic medicine, medical institutions would be disburdened of eighty percent of their patients. With such decreased number of patients in medical institutions, the work capacity of employees would increase significantly, as well as their productivity at work, and the quantity of medicines used would decrease. But that would surely be unsuitable for the medicine and pharmacy, which live from the quantity and not from the results of work.

The field of psychotherapy, where hundreds of therapeutic sessions are performed to only treat one character trait of the patient, can also not accept such a quick alternative integral treatment and quick recovery of the patient; it can even less so accept the possibility that intuitive measurement can be used for diagnosing the state of the patients and that they can be cured with a few therapies with life-cosmic energy, even when the therapist does not see the patient or (s)he is physically on another continent. The solution of these open questions is in the lifting of the embargo on activities in the field of energies in the medical circles, from the legislature to hospitals, in the cessation of humiliation of energy therapies and in a new step forward taken by the medicine, which should train its own experts in the preventive programme for the work on the level of energies. This will be inevitable, sooner or later, whether the Minister of Health and Directors of Policlinics and Hospitals like it or not.

Books on life-cosmic energy certainly represent an impulse in the search for new possibilities and useful information that there is something more to be learned, mastered and used as soon as possible, for the sake of the care for the human being. The intention of all these books is to qualify people (unfortunately not medical workers, because they are forbidden to work with energy treatments) to be able to learn – through spiritual development – to use transformations and systems of channelling the energy in order to help themselves, maintain a healthy state of the organism and live happily. Hundreds of people who passed the courses on life-cosmic energy prove that even today they maintain a healthy state of their organism without difficulties and do not use medical services, i.e. they do not allow an illness to appear in their organism and do not poison themselves with chemical components of tablets, and do not lose their valuable time waiting in lines in medical institutions.

The results of the work of individual progressive candidates for therapists with life-cosmic energy and their spiritual growth confirm the fact that each individual can master that knowledge and help himself or herself, offer help to relatives, friends or dedicate to independent therapeutic work, disregarding his or her profession, religion, nation, skin colour or location on Earth. Good examples are also the individuals who use therapeutic knowledge and energy for professional purposes and who became successful and renowned experts. The feedback shows that many individuals successfully maintain their health, help themselves in their families, at work and in the society.

This third book provides examples from practice, related to the organs and systems of the body. They show how we developed a good and healthy state from a poor state and in that manner independently help the organism and resolve problems. Practice shows that we can help anyone with life-cosmic energy, even those who cannot be cured – when the illness has destroyed a vital organ – by enabling them to die peacefully.

There are examples, as I already defined in the first book, of patients being under influence of blockages, such as taking of drugs, consuming alcohol, large daily dosages of tablets, religious or political fanaticism and special views of the world, so it was necessary to strengthen their body before therapy, cure the consequences of those states, and only after that regular treatment could start. Such cases are rare. In practice we only register few percents of those who were treated, and they confirm how much damage is caused to the organism by such substances. There are also examples when the patient ceases the treatment from unknown reasons or when he does not accept therapy, deliberately refuses the energy and abandons the therapy. Such examples are also very few, almost negligible, and due to such a small number we cannot give a real evaluation of such states, states of their organism or their further treatment.

Life-cosmic energy gives us life and is universal. As we have already seen in the material described in the three volumes, we can use it anywhere. It is a connection that enables us to understand our dependence on the cosmic energy, as well as a tool that opens the way to the world of souls and helps us understand them, up to the limits allowed by the physical body. This divine energy, life-cosmic energy or energy of life enables each individual who wishes for spiritual development, universal love and enlightenment to achieve the goal in a very simple and accessible way.

When, the whole esoteric literature, discussions of adepts, gurus, Brahmans, Bodhisattvas and highly developed individuals will be accessible and understandable to all. Through gradual development, we become acquainted with the world of spiritually developed people, their positive and negative attitudes on different continents, where no event occurs by coincidence: everything is only cause and consequence, which we can – through this knowledge on life-cosmic energy and its use – turn to our benefit, in order to change the karma and create a healthy and happy life on our planet.