Lyrics and composition: Ali R Taha
Pianist: Lidija Zupančič
Upright bass arrangement: Yuri Baron

Before your light, I didn’t know
One could shine and forever glow
Jubilation all around
Inner quietness you surround
Despite the dark
Along the way
Remained a true celestial ray

Originating from the divine
Jewels were given to enshrine
In every word you ever wrote
Dimensions opened along the road
Above the self, above the mind
Realms of wealth to the inclined

Jokes drawn from the truth
Indication to induce
Doors are opened to the light
Amid the bothers of a fight
Refining all the days and nights

In all the struggles you endured
Devotion of the hearts you cured
Among the ones you have sowed
Returning love forever vowed

Dear I thank you from the soul
For all the scenes that you made whole
I’m reaching yet a higher ground

Absence may have found a way
Rewards from you are here to stay

Revealing the needle in the hay.